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Wife of arrested Caracas mayor seeks international support

Scotland flyhalf Russell loses appeal against two-week ban

French lock Pape loses appeal against 10-week ban

Malloy describes Hesburgh as pastor of Notre Dame, US, world

Suits filed against scope maker in superbug infection

Justices weigh case of US Muslim denied job over headscarf

GOP leaders in Congress fear repealing health law

Moncada arrives at Red Sox facility

Ex-New York Knick basketball player Anthony Mason dead at 48

Japan education minister may have received illegal funds: report

Florida group to sue FBI in death of friend of Boston bombing suspect

Japan education minister may have received illegal funds - report

Democrat O'Malley keeps White House option, rules out Senate

Accused al Qaeda operative wrote in code about UK bomb plot: U.S.

Cleveland leaders apologize over blaming boy for own death

Australian convicts transferred to Indonesian island for execution

Ex-Marine Convicted in 'American Sniper' Trial

Danforth cites political bullying in Schweich eulogy

Justices appear to favor Muslim denied job over headscarf

Return of leader Clarke strengthens Australia - McCullum

Only female mayor in history of Salt Lake City dies at 70

UN experts: Yemen ex-president allegedly amassed billions

U.S. charges three with conspiring to support Islamic State

Stiff sentence sought for Chicago woman in immigration case

O'Malley won't seek Mikulski seat, keeps White House option

DHS Head Thanks Congress for Funding

Yemen ex-president amassed up to $60 billion, colluded with rebels - U.N....

LME mulls expanding electronic Sword system after Qingdao fraud

GOP's Jeb Bush working to reassert conservative credentials

Investigators find 32,000 emails in IRS probe

U.S. justices show support for Muslim woman denied job due to head scarf

DHS bill exposes holes in GOP's congressional coordination

Federal judge blocks Nebraska's same-sex marriage ban

Protests after right-to-work hearing cut off

Egyptian court declares Hamas a 'terrorist' group

China parliament to juggle reform drive and slower growth

Body-camera maker has financial ties to police chiefs

How Islamic is Islamic State group? Not very, experts say

Woods: Garcia comment hurtful, time to move on

Union power at issue as Garcetti elected LA mayor

Qld boy remains critical after ride fall

Obama walking a familiar path on IRS allegations

Spacewalking repair halts station leak - for now

Swiss: 1,500 money-laundering cases last year

Kidman inducted into InStyle Hall of Fame

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

British man charged with defacing queen's portrait

EU gets deal on trans-Atlantic trade pact mandate

Investigator denies harrassing Labor MP

Turkish PM urges protesters to leave Gezi Park

Health authorities admit 2011 legionnaires' death at Wesley kept quiet

Arias sells art for money, profits from notoriety

Same-sex couples welcome Del. gay marriage law

Govt to face horse flu class action

Sentences continue in Minn. Somali terror case

House chairman sees IRS errors as part of pattern

The IRS and its tea party tempest

Milan prosecutors demand 6 years for Berlusconi