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Anwar blasts govt over student threats

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Myanmar opens to the world

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Obama backs Suu Kyi bid to change constitution

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Ethnic rebel armies an unsolved Myanmar puzzle

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Britain's Cameron backs Suu Kyi push for Myanmar reforms

Suu Kyi says Myanmar's reforms have stalled

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Myanmar's Suu Kyi rejects election commission warning

Jail, lawsuits cast shadow over Myanmar media freedom

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Suu Kyi: Reforms hit 'bumpy patch'

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Myanmar rules out constitutional change before polls

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Myanmar nationalists threaten protests over Rohingya vote change

General: Myanmar military staying in politics

Myanmar's Suu Kyi: Change charter before polls

EU awards top human rights award to Malala

Nelson Mandela: what they said

Despite Myanmar reforms, much remains to be done

Five million sign petition for constitution change: Myanmar opposition

Suu Kyi says law barring her from Myanmar presidency is unacceptable

US urges Myanmar to let people choose president

With Suu Kyi blocked, her Myanmar party eyes ex-general for president

With Suu Kyi blocked, her Myanmar party eyes ex-general for president

Rohingya children in Myanmar camps going hungry

Myanmar axes by-elections in 35 parliamentary seats

Millions back Suu Kyi call for Myanmar charter change

Myanmar rally calls for charter change

ASEAN to pressure China to stick to diplomacy on maritime disputes

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UN urges Myanmar to give citizenship to Rohingya Muslims

Myanmar's Suu Kyi says 'too early' to commit to 2015 election

Myanmar president hosts rare Suu Kyi talks amid constitution debate

Suu Kyi says boycott of Myanmar election an option

Myanmar president enacts law allowing referendum on disputed constitution

Despite new Myanmar law, Suu Kyi not likely to have a shot at presidency

Myanmar army commander pledges successful elections

Canberra hosts leader once seen as pariah

Suu Kyi learns from Northern Ireland peace process