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Merkel: must prevent Greece running out of cash before deal

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Cyprus meets targets, economy better than expected, say lenders

Bailed-out Portugal to make new cuts in 2014 budget

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Creditors propose giving Greece 2 more years

German minister rejects more time for Greece

'Troika' in Portugal for bailout review

Spain's corruption index shock

Moody's upgrades Greek credit rating

EU urges Greece to stick to reform path

Treasury official Massad nominated as agency head

Portugal top court blocks austerity pensions cuts

China's Fosun buys Portuguese insurer in privatisation

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Portuguese parliament passes public sector wage cut

Sentencing changes sought for business crimes

Juncker jeered over euro as he urges huge spending package

Greece plans 3-year bond issue

French far right in 'earthquake' win as Europe votes

Fading Eurozone crisis coloured by wishful thinking

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Cyprus drops only remaining domestic capital control

IMF board approves $4.6 billion in aid for Greece

Slovenia 'eyes more privatisations'

Greece, creditors still in tough negotiations

Portugal's budget deficit falls, remains on target

Ireland sells part of state gas firm

Ireland's rugby win adds to St Patrick's Day party mood

Germany's top court clears euro bailout fund

Portugal confident on targets, considers following Irish move on loans

Greece close to emerging from recession