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Merkel says Greece must be more specific about its reform plans

Nearly half of Greeks would back Syriza in new election - poll

Greece delivers reform plans

Eurogroup head - Greek reforms could prompt bailout payment in March

Greece sends comprehensive reform plan to lenders - EU source

Spanish PM hits back at Greek accusation of anti-Athens 'axis'

Greece sees problems repaying IMF, ECB Germans air mistrust

Greece sees problems repaying IMF, ECB Germans air mistrust

Berlin backs Greek bailout extension

Exclusive - Greece pledges to respect privatisations, avoid budget...

Greece seeks negotiations on ECB bond repayment

Below the radar, growth in Europe starts swelling company profits

Nearly half of Greeks would back Syriza in new election: poll

German parliament approves Greek bailout extension

Greece runs out of funding options despite euro zone reprieve

Greek PM accuses Spain, Portugal of anti-Athens 'axis'

Germany backs Greek extension but bailout fatigue grows

ECB uncomfortable with leading role in Greek funding drama

Greece clears key hurdle to extend bailout but doubts remain

UK in dark mood as new recession may be confirmed

Greece in new turmoil as coalition ally pulls out

Portugal should stick to agreed deficit reduction goals - Eurogroup head

Portugal's president considers snap election

Portugal president extends talks on gov't future

Investor pressure on Portugal eases, govn't talks

20 years after Maastricht, EU in quest for new Big Idea

IMF says Greece talks ongoing despite paused review

Cyprus meets targets, economy better than expected, say lenders

Bailed-out Portugal to make new cuts in 2014 budget

Euro nations split on how to help Greece cut debt

Creditors propose giving Greece 2 more years

German minister rejects more time for Greece

'Troika' in Portugal for bailout review

Spain's corruption index shock

Moody's upgrades Greek credit rating

EU urges Greece to stick to reform path

Treasury official Massad nominated as agency head

Portugal top court blocks austerity pensions cuts

China's Fosun buys Portuguese insurer in privatisation

Greece's ex-finance minister faces probe over tax list

Troika begins fifth review of bailed-out Cyprus economy

Portuguese parliament passes public sector wage cut