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Portugal to repay IMF bailout loans early

Ukraine requests fresh IMF bailout

Greece begins voting in make-or-break election

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Germany's Schaeuble sees continued role for troika in EU bailouts

Greek election battle in final days with Syriza maintaining lead

Greek Election Battle in Final Days With Syriza Maintaining Lead

Greece to need another bailout extension - euro zone official

Ukraine asks IMF for new bailout program as economy worsens

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US stocks waver between smalls gain and losses

Greek radical leftists widen lead ahead of Sunday's vote

Greek leftists Syriza extends poll lead as election day nears

Greek leftists Syriza extend poll lead two days before election

EU open to later Greek debt repayment, not forgiveness

Tsipras to form coalition after election victory

Tsipras sworn in as Greek prime minister

Greek youths welcome Syriza victory

Greece's Syriza seeks coalition partners after poll win

Greeks Go to the Polls

FXCM sees record trading volume as broker plans asset sales

Greek stocks surge over 5% on ECB stimulus package

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