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Officials say bombings kill 13 people in Iraq's capital

Iraqi soldiers retake control of Sunni town

Iraq on edge after deadly raid on protest camp

Iraqis go to polls for first time since US pullout

More Than 500 Dead As Wave of Violence Hits Iraq

Spike in violence in Iraq has echoes in the past

After attacks, security tight for Iraqi pilgrimage

Iraq bombs kill 23, including minority protesters

Shootings, bomb attacks kill 5 across Iraq

Iraq bombs kill 36, Sunnis stage protest rallies

Gunmen raid 4 newspaper offices in Baghdad

Iraq attacks kill 55 less than a week before vote

Coordinated attack in Iraq kills 7 policemen

Suicide bombing in Iraq kills 35 in busy cafe

Attacks across Iraq kill 16 as violence rages on

Iraq suicide blasts kill 33, many of them children

Iraq seeks help from US amid growing violence

Wave of bombings, attacks in Iraq kill at least 67

Gunmen kill 5 Sunni worshippers in Iraq

Wave of car bombings in and near Baghdad kills 36

Bombing of bakery, other attacks in Iraq kill 9

Wave of car bombings in Iraq kills at least 58

Iraqi Kurdish leader vows to defend Kurds in Syria

Officials: Attacks kill 17 people in Iraq

Bombings kill 10 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq

Wave of attacks in Iraqi capital kills at least 24

Bombing, shooting kill 7 people in Iraq

Car bombs, clashes kill 21 civilians in Iraq

Burger boom as fast food finds fans in Baghdad

Iraq's fugitive VP convicted as attacks kill 92

Deadliest attacks in Iraq since US troop pullout

Syria truce collapse shows limits of diplomacy

Islamic militants parade captured Iraqi soldiers

Kerry: World Won't Permit IS to Spread Evil

Obama wooing skeptical allies in offensive against Islamic State

Bombings kill nine people in Iraqi capital

Special Report: How Mosul fell - An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story

Special report - How Mosul fell: An Iraqi general disputes Baghdad's story

US warns air strikes alone cannot save Kobane from ISIS

Iraq turns to Sunni tribes, but distrust remains

Kurdish leader cites 'new reality' in Iraq

Islamic militants parade in captured Iraqi military vehicles in Mosul

Militants seize Iraqi city of Tikrit

Iraqi parliament delays next session until August

Iraq offers aid to those displaced by militants

Bruised Iraqi army leans on Shi'ite militias, volunteers

Iraq attacks on Shiite pilgrims kill 16

Baghdad blasts kill at least 10, wound dozens

Blood spills in Sadr City

Car bomb at liquor store in northern Iraq kills 12

Fifty killed in bomb attack on rally, police and troops voting in Iraq

Iraqis vote as violence grips a divided country

Iraq PM warns of more turmoil if replaced

Baghdad motorbike blast, other attacks kill 52 in Iraq

Iraq Abu Ghraib prison closure not permanent

Blast in shopping street in Iraqi capital kills three

Sunni militants overtake part of Iraqi town

Baghdad motorbike blast, other attacks kill 52 in Iraq

Special Report: The fighters of Iraq who answer to Iran

Iraq's Shiite fighters desert over shortages

Bomb and shooting kill 7 in Iraq

Iraqi PM visits Kurdish north, hoping to mend ties

Iraqi death hints of Iran's role in Syrian crisis

10-year anniversary of Baghdad fall to US forces

Momentum weakened for Assad's ouster in Syria

Wave of attacks in Iraq leaves 22 dead

Bombings kill 8 in Iraq

Wave of attacks kills at least 66 people in Iraq