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Rio organizers create 'super bacteria' task force

Super-bacteria found in Rio bay ahead of 2016 Olympic sailing

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Unchecked superbugs could kill 10 million a year, cost $100 trillion

14 charged in meningitis outbreak that killed 64

14 charged in deadly 2012 meningitis outbreak

Oil from BP spill uncovered by Isaac's waves

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Queensland hospitals 'safer than ever' after audit finds 105 Legionella...

Fonterra says China-bound milk powder halted in May for high nitrite

China fines Fonterra $900k for overpricing

Researchers say tuberculosis vaccine may prevent allergies in children

Nutricia Karicare formula tainted

Aust caught in tainted baby forumula scare

France says baby deaths likely due to 'isolated' lapse in IV bags

France recalls contaminated baby IV nutrient bags after 3 deaths

London uses van with X-ray machine to find TB

Asian bacteria threatens Florida oranges

Researchers find HIV's 'invisibility cloak'

Students' wine skills put to test

NSW Aboriginal communities' water 'worse'

Wesley Hospital on track to resume normal operations

Authorities find legionella bacteria at two more hospitals in far north Qld

Stinky Feet Help Scientists Swat Mosquitoes

Olympic sailors disgusted by Rio's foul waters

London's first whisky distillery in 100 years

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Sir Gordon Conway's guide to feeding the world

Multiple protocol breaches behind anthrax exposure at US federal labs

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New footrot vaccines clear up chronic disease

Many supermarket deli meats high in bacteria, research finds

US lawmakers fault 'dangerous pattern' of handling deadly disease

Water problems lead to riots, deaths in South Africa

VA challenged on handling of whistleblower charges

Commercial shipment arrives at space station

US officials purge biosafety board in midst of anthrax crisis

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Concern over antibiotic resistance in chicken meat

Juvenile solution to oyster water quality issues

Antarctic moss returns to life after 1,500 years frozen

Gambia's Jammeh calls gays "vermin", says to fight like mosquitoes