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Filipino rebel attacks unlikely to sabotage peace

Filipino rebels call for international mediation

Philippine Muslim rebels, govt make progress on self-rule law

Muslim rebel attacks kill 18 in Philippines: military

Philippines, Muslim rebels set for historic peace deal

Philippines and Muslim rebel group sign peace deal

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Violence intensifies in southern Philippines

Philippines, Muslim rebels clinch peace deal

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Filipino rebels storm villages, take hostages

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Rebel bombs kill two Philippine soldiers

Philippines' Aquino confident of ending Muslim rebellion

Philippine military says 17 Muslim rebels killed

Philippines plans to give Muslims autonomous zone

Philippine military says 17 Muslim rebels killed

Philippines, Muslim rebels seal historic peace deal

Philippine govt, Muslim rebels set to sign peace pact

Aquino urges autonomy for Philippine Muslims despite misgivings

Muslim rebels kill man in Philippines raid despite peace talks

Philippines, Muslim rebels sign 'power sharing' accord

Philippines, Muslim rebels set for historic peace deal

Philippines' Aquino asks Congress to enact Muslim autonomy law

Aquino Seeks to Save Mindanao Peace Pact After Deadly Clash

Philippine minister says not told in advance of raid