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Myanmar political leaders to hold talks on amending constitution

Congolese doctor receives EU prize for helping rape victims

Obama aides: Myanmar visit not a 'victory' lap

Courting Asia, Obama finds that the world intrudes

Myanmar government ends direct media censorship

International literary festival opens in Myanmar

Myanmar's Suu Kyi firm on constitutional change

Clinton backs Saudi women defying driving ban

Pope urges dialogue in Myanmar at talks with Suu Kyi

Myanmar military launches investor charm offensive

Myanmar's Suu Kyi heads to Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg

Myanmar frees 69 political prisoners

World bows in respect to Mandela

Suu Kyi says Myanmar needs reconciliation

Aung San Suu Kyi arrives in Australia

Suu Kyi urges 'freedom from fear' on World AIDS Day

US allows business with 4 Myanmar banks

Myanmar opposition defies warning to push charter change

Julie Bishop raises human rights concerns with Myanmar president

Suu Kyi cautions Myanmar 'not yet a democracy'

At South African mine, it's a long, long way down

Myanmar's Suu Kyi gains 5 mn signatures in presidency fight

Kerry aims to calm South China Sea tensions

Myanmar jails 3 journalists for leadership report

China premier won't meet Suu Kyi, will offer Myanmar aid

No Asia trade pact expected on Obama's trip to region

Myanmar's Suu Kyi says reforms stalled, West too optimistic

Obama oozes support for Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi

Obama Meets Myanmar Opposition Leader

Obama says barring Suu Kyi from Myanmar presidency 'doesn't make much...

Jason Mraz tops Myanmar anti-trafficking concert

Myanmar's Suu Kyi meets with top leaders in India

Bishop heads to Burma and Lao PDR

Myanmar's Mandalay tense but under control

Myanmar commemorates 69th Armed Forces Day

Old soldiers to meet as Thai PM makes Myanmar his first foreign visit

Suu Kyi to claim EU Sakharov prize 23 years after award

Myanmar unrest raises stakes for growing tourist industry

Snowden among finalists for EU human rights prize

Undergrads return to crumbling Myanmar university

Aung San Suu Kyi receives honorary doctorate in Canberra

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Anwar blasts govt over student threats

Myanmar's surreal capital now less of a ghost town

Myanmar declares 'no more political prisoners' after amnesty

Myanmar protest seeks constitutional change

IMF chief urges Myanmar to focus on poverty reduction

Study for link between cancer and genetics

Buddhist mobs spread fear among Myanmar's Muslims

Myanmar jails man for attack that sparked rioting

Myanmar to open offshore oil and gas bids by April

In Myanmar, answers to ethnic conflict elusive

Rudd takes up offer to Skype US students

Myanmar opens to the world

Exclusive: Washington takes hands-off stance on future of Myanmar's Suu Kyi

Obama visit turns spotlight on Myanmar reforms

Obama to meet Indonesia leader during Beijing summit

Ethnic rebel armies an unsolved Myanmar puzzle

Myanmar parliament rails at UN's Ban Ki-moon over Rohingya comments

Myanmar students stage illegal education protest in Yangon

Myanmar cracks down on mine protest dozens hurt