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S. Korea marks 4th anniversary of the Yeonpyeong islands attack

Fatal Attack on Synagogue on Jerusalem

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Two killed in Kabul attack

Mourning in Jerusalem

Obama condemns Jerusalem attack as 'horrific'

Another racist attack at mosque

Obama urges calm after 'horrific' Jerusalem attack

Kenya: Mob strips another woman despite protest

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Man guilty of UK hammer attack gets life sentences

Israel to ease gun controls after attack

Security high in Jerusalem after deadly synagogue attack

Four dead in suspected Palestinian attack on Jerusalem synagogue

Al-Shabab Kills 28 Non-Muslims in Kenya

FBI probes agency computer breaches said to bear signs of spying

Thirty-five reported killed in Aleppo bombardment

One hundred arrested as second Kenya woman attacked for miniskirt

IS claims Baghdad bomb attack on UN convoy

Palestinian confesses to Nov 5 car attack on troops

Al Shabaab claim responsibility for deadly Kenyan bus attack

Four Israelis killed in synagogue attack

Somalia's al Shabaab claims responsibility for northeast Kenya bus attack

US confirms Americans killed in Israel synagogue attack

Tough Israeli response to attack risks backfire: experts

Suicide attackers target foreign compound in Kabul

Militant attack deaths soar to all-time high

Calls for peace in Myanmar following deadly attack on military academy

Synagogue attack shakes Jerusalem neighborhood

Four killed in revenge attacks after Kenya mosques raid

Deadly Jerusalem synagogue attack horrifies Israel

Pig's head attack doesn't desecrate mosque: muslim association

US Congress report debunks Benghazi attack claims