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Asylum seekers legally detained at sea, High Court rules

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Asylum seekers reportedly sent to Port Moresby jail

Greens criticise PNG's plans to repatriate asylum seekers

Australia's detention of asylum-seekers at sea ruled legal

Tasmanian churches ring bells in united protest against mandatory...

Sri Lankan refugee draws on own experience in detention to raise awareness...

18 more Vietnamese Montagnards cross into Cambodian jungle: activist

Church leaders given spent convictions after children in detention protest...

Australians not next for execution, Indonesia confirms

Andrew Bolt says PM's 'stupid' knighthood call could be fatal

Siege hostage forced to kneel before being shot

Ricky Muir remains open to deregulating uni fees after approach from PM

Rosie Batty awarded top honour for efforts to stop family violence

Human smugglers turn to cargo ships to ferry fleeing Syrians

Cargo Ships Used to Ferry Fleeing Syrians

Close down Manus, says ALP senator Cameron

Senators check out lack of defences in the Pilbara

Offshore processing can't work alone: govt

Labor surplus plan can't be trusted: oppn

Alleged people smuggler claims AFP 'trapped' him

Dumped Palmer candidate hits back

Boat turnback policy unacceptable: Burke

Body of baby boy recovered from capsized asylum seeker boat

Rudd in Indonesia for bilateral talks

Indonesia would object to boat towbacks

Navy wants to turn boats around: Abbott

Charges unlikely on asylum self harm case

Decision day for alleged smuggling boss

Lone suspected asylum seeker found on boat

Indonesian Ambassador criticises Coalition's policy of turning back boats

Asylum seeker boat with more than 200 on board intercepted near Christmas...

Abbott stretches his lead over Gillard

Minister not told for 8 months on jihadist

Former Labor pollster says Kevin Rudd will deliver polls boost, says early...

Footage shows Indonesian people smuggler discussing his business and...

Hong Kong silent so far on Snowden extradition

Ahmed not out of Ashes picture

Israeli: Detention center for Africans a 'prison'

Search continues for missing asylum seekers

No decision yet on where Scherger detention centre asylum seeker escapees...

US leaker not welcome in NZ: John Key

Lawyer says security guards on Nauru told to prepare to open detention...

Abbott defends towing asylum boats back

Treasurer sees detention centre 'silver lining'

Ahmed an Ashes wildcard: Warne

US secrets leaker has options to stay in Hong Kong

Coalition criminal refugee plan 'illegal'

Push to house Pontville teens in community

Emerson says Indonesia talks long planned

Egyptian asylum seeker Sayed Abdel Latif says he is innocent of all...

Visa crack down put off to next week

No alternative to Gillard: Labor MPs

Unions back PM ahead of final sittings

Assange just an attention seeker: Howard

Indonesia talks to cover people smugglers

Boat policy won't damage diplomacy: Abbott

Greg Barns from Australian Lawyers Alliance says asylum seeker damages...

Clare backs Carr's economic migrant claims

Govt defends detention of children

Footage reveals convicted people smuggler Hassan Ayoub back in business in...

Teenage detainee on hunger strike at Tasmania's Pontville Detention Centre

Asylum seeker dies on Christmas Island