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Spain angers rights activists with tough new security law

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White House to announce Russia trip plans soon

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Morrison playing Battleships: Greens

Barroso, Letta pledge funds after Italy refugee disaster

Syrians in Egypt pay with lives for European dream

Ship tragedy result of Eritrea's abuses

Australia attempted to turn back asylum seeker boat: Indonesian official

Syrians in distant Morocco find refuge but little aid

By taking in Snowden, Ecuador would defy US again

Snowden made other asylum bids: WikiLeaks

NSA leaker charged with espionage, theft

Secret program leaker Snowden goes dark in HK

Cuba backs Snowden asylum offers from allies

Snowden affair chills US-Latin American ties

Venezuela eyed as Snowden seeks asylum

Putin: 'Nyet' to US request to turn over Snowden

State Dept Can't Confirm Snowden Request

Greens Senator claims access denied to the Pontville detention centre

Rudd clearing the decks after caucus meet

Snowden walks free in Russia to US anger

US careful not to let Snowden destroy Russia ties

Government confirms Darwin boat arrival

Sri Lankan security forces accused of rape and torture

Questions remain over Russian dissident's suicide

Cuba ballplayers chase dreams, big bucks, overseas

Hearing set for friend of accused Boston bomber to seek pretrial release

G4S sought extra guards before riot

Greens senator denied Curtin visit

World Cup over, but some Argentines won't go home

Obama prods Republicans on border issue

Concerns asylum seekers pressured to return home voluntarily

Morrison cancels visit to detention centre

Obama vows to act after Republicans kill immigration bill hopes

US homeland chief visits immigrant holding center

Tourists detained in North Korea ask US to help free them - APTV

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Syrians are main asylum seekers in rich world - U.N.

Ethiopian co-pilot hijacks plane to seek Swiss asylum