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Ford starts export production of 2015 Edge at Canada plant

Walker: Right-to-work Timing Right in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Senate approves right-to-work bill, sends to state Assembly

Lockheed, Sikorsky venture awarded $2.0 billion helicopter support deal

Lockheed, Sikorsky venture awarded $2 billion helicopter support deal

Indian city bans public gatherings over swine flu fears

Pink cloud visible in Arizona after New Mexico rocket launch

Singapore founding father Lee's condition improves slightly

Rockets kill two, wound 30 in Libya

McCullum fit to play Afghanistan - coach

Russian court refuses to release Ukrainian prisoner

Spock's ears: A pointy trademark for Leonard Nimoy

Man City bid to cut the gap at resurgent Liverpool

Yellow Submarine need special splash to sink Barca

Man United missing '20-goal striker', says Van Gaal

Obama's UN envoy: US committed to preventing a nuclear Iran

UK government pledges more powers for Wales as devolution debate rumbles on

Tajik leader's party ahead in election, Western monitors cry foul

Rally against Wisconsin anti-union measure smaller than 2011

Exclusive: Nemtsov killing sign of worsening climate in Russia - Obama

Exclusive - Nemtsov killing sign of worsening climate in Russia: Obama

Spacewalking astronaut safe after water leaks into helmet

New Gucci designer debuts as Milan celebrates youth

Cuba's Milanes skirts politics, builds bridges with songs

Virginia to compensate victims of forced sterilizations

Egypt parliamentary poll looks set for delay after court ruling

Four-Hour Commute: Finding Work Outside Detroit

Libyan PM says Turkey supplying weapons to rival Tripoli group

Veteran Kazakh leader calls snap presidential poll on April 26

Singapore's founder sedated, on life support

What determines the perfect candidate for 2016?

Insight: From eastern flank, Iran-backed force advances on Tikrit

Ukraine's new US-born finance chief enduring baptism by fire

Police call death of Missouri auditor an 'apparent suicide'

Obama-Netanyahu relations never promised happily-ever-after

Small step by Tokyo district could be giant leap for LGBT equality

Frosty U.S.-Israel Relations on Show

AP Interview: Mia Hamm 'humbled' to join Roma's board

Alabama Supreme Court halts gay-marriage licenses

Speed, apathy mute protests vs. Wisconsin right-to-work bill

Budget standoff leaves California college hopefuls in limbo

Ex-Rhode Island Speaker Fox pleads guilty to federal charges

Exclusive: SEC plans to level playing field for newer ETF firms

Insight: Jordan takes no chances in confronting homegrown Jihadis

Insight - Jordan takes no chances in confronting homegrown Jihadis

A terrorist sleeper cell dismantled in Mali

Ford to cease manufacturing in Australia

Malaysian charged with sedition, 3 more arrested

Girl's suicide after alleged attack troubles town

Arrests in New Orleans parade shootings cheered

Easier travel ahead for Conn. commuters

HRW: Sex workers in China subject to police abuse

Cuomo, ex-wife Kennedy push farm workers' rights

Supreme Court archive has about 14K hours of audio

Govt buying constitution change: 'no' camp

29 possible jurors to return in Zimmerman case

Holden workers called to meeting in SA

White House: US respects Iran election results