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VW recalls 442,000 cars to fix suspension problem

U2's Bono needs surgery after cycling accident

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UN blacklists Ansar al-Sharia armed group

Russia says U.S. arms supplies to Ukraine would destabilise situation

Rothschild Proposes ARMS Share Sale to Reduce Debt Burden

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State Government defends planning changes

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Six injuried in South Stradbroke Island boat crash

Woman with handgun arrested at White House: Secret Service

US delivers anti-mortar radars to Ukraine: Pentagon

Germany says to keep up to 850 soldiers in Afghanistan

Mosque raids provoke clashes in Kenya's Mombasa port

Secret Service says 'fell short' protecting White House

Four dead in suspected Palestinian attack on Jerusalem synagogue

Myanmar Kachin rebels say 23 cadets killed by army shell

Kiev says Russia has 7,500 troops in Ukraine

Kiev says Russia has 7500 troops in Ukraine

France says jets strike IS targets to break Kirkuk frontline

Syria says it needs more details on UN truce plan

EU taking hard look at Austria's sale of Hypo's Balkan arm

Joseph Kony's rebels sell ivory, minerals: report

Multiple fractures for Bono in bicycle accident

Malala Yousafzai

Part of British parliament evacuated due to suspicious package: police