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Yemen's Huthis: a force of growing influence

Syria FM calls opposition 'traitors' at peace talks

Bahrain protesters mark uprising anniversary

Syria's warring sides meet for talks in Geneva

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Activists say dozens killed in Syrian village

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Syria's Assad poses for a 'selfie' as he, first lady vote

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Tunisians elect new parliament to consolidate young democracy

Beyond Burkina Faso, Africa's 'Black Spring' hopes may be premature

Syrian rebels capture air base near Damascus

Divided Kuwait limps toward boycott-hit elections

Syrian warplanes bomb Damascus suburbs

Libya: Militias, politicians meld in explosive mix

Tunisia marks uprising anniversary without new constitution

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Syria's Assad, unwavering war leader convinced of victory

Syria's Assad coasts to re-election in 'farce' polls

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Rebels in Syria's Homs fight for a shattered dream

Syria rebel leader in Aleppo quits

Israel, Gulf in 'strange alliance' against Iran

Critics of Jordan's king perform well in election

Egyptians vote for president after years of turmoil

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The Arab Spring, 4 years on

Egypt crisis stirs wide debate on democracy's hold

Muzzle on dissent in Gulf faces backlash in Kuwait

Syrian novelist hurts for his country's bloodbath

Tunisia elections probably to be held in November - election chief

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Analysis - Beyond Burkina Faso, Africa's 'Black Spring' hopes may be...

Syria opposition powerless as Assad holds election

Rebel infighting in Syria undermining revolt

Few protests on 2nd anniversary of Syrian uprising

Syria rebels take on jihadists in fierce fighting

Al Qaeda hijacks spirit of Syria revolt three years on

Syria opposition rejects presidential poll 'farce'

Divided Kuwait limps toward boycott-hit elections

Syrian troops, rebels clash over Damascus highway

In rural Tunisia, economic malaise weighs on voters