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Appeals court upholds protection for threatened seabird

Russian court upholds sentence for opposition leader Navalny

Adoption by same-sex parent recognized by Alabama appeals court

US appeals court: Marathon bombing trial can stay in Boston

Brazil government to appeal deportation of Cesare Battisti

Alabama justices: Until high court rules, we're in charge

Alabama Supreme Court halts gay-marriage licenses

China jails ex-vice governor 17 years on graft charges

U.S. appeals court says Boston bomber trial can stay in city

A defiant Alabama regains ground against gay marriage

Federal judge blocks Nebraska's same-sex marriage ban

Brazil judge orders deportation of Cesare Battisti

International court judges uphold acquittal of Congolese man

Justices: Same-day audio for April 28 gay marriage cases

Marathon bombing trial stays in Boston, federal panel says

Egypt court sentences top Brotherhood leader to life

Egypt courts list Hamas as terrorist group, give Brotherhood leader life

Egyptian court declares Hamas a 'terrorist' group

Obama administration asks judge to speed up immigration decision

Amish jailed in beard-cutting attacks win lower sentences

Oprah Winfrey prevails in 'Own Your Power' lawsuit

Canadian broadcaster fights ban on domestic ads during Super Bowl

Oprah Winfrey prevails in 'Own Your Power' lawsuit

Peterson just 1 of the NFL players left in limbo by ruling

No criminal charges to be filed against NASCAR's Busch

Gaza fears isolation as Egypt calls Hamas 'terrorist' group

Republicans back down in standoff over Homeland Security

After beef ban, Hindu groups force Indian abattoirs to close

Bush: Borders less secure if Congress cuts off DHS dollars

Russian court keeps hunger-striking Ukrainian pilot in jail

U.S. House breaks impasse, passes security funding without provisions

House breaks impasse, passes security funding without provisions

Bush: US less secure if Congress cuts off security funding

Court urged to reject Jackson doctor's appeal

Defamation suit reinstated for founder of Boston

Baby Bounce: Royal infant may help UK economy

UK top court rules against oil tycoon in divorce

Duncan trying to appeal against ICAC bias ruling

Colorado jury finds helmet maker Riddell negligent