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AP PHOTOS: Murals keep late Venezuela leader ever-present

Obama celebrates Black History Month, ahead of Selma visit

China to hold parade, invite leaders to mark World War Two anniversary

Palestinians and Israeli forces clash in the West Bank

WH Celebrates African American History Month

China to hold parade, invite leaders to mark end of World War Two

Search can't go on forever - Truss

Ex-crew recognizes photos of sunken Japanese battleship

Singapore founding father Lee's condition improves slightly

German RWE says UK'S decision won't stop DEA divestment

Australian Eurovision entry revealed

Microsoft co-founder says he found sunken Japan WWII warship

Colombia's Aterciopelados reunites for tour, new recording

Bangladesh court upholds arrest warrants against opposition leader

Civil rights landmark bridge is named for reputed KKK leader

Better plane tracking trialed after Malaysia plane mystery

Bayern Munich scores early, beats Cologne 4-1 in Bundesliga

Clinton Doesn't Mention Emails in Speech

Fijians get to design new flag as nation ditches Union Jack

British parliament may be forced from Westminster home - Speaker

Sun Life eyeing acquisitions in areas more immune to low rates

RWE presses ahead with DEA sale as UK demurs

Robben helps goal-hungry Bayern keep Wolves from door

British parliament may be forced from Westminster home: Speaker

Selma's 50th anniversary brings comparisons to Ferguson

IOC board won't meet during Sochi sports summit

Only female mayor in history of Salt Lake City dies at 70

Australia to Lead Remote Plane Tracking Trials

New charges for group that disrupted Supreme Court

Lyndon Johnson linked Latinos, civil rights in Selma speech

IOC takes new steps to mourn the dead during Olympics

HSBC marks muted 150th birthday party with grain of rice sculptures

Venezuela to shrink US Embassy staff, require tourist visas

LBJ linked Latinos, civil rights in 'Selma' speech

Obama invoking civil rights struggles past and present

Highlights of Justice Department report on Ferguson police

Email issue revives old questions about Clintons

Alien abduction? Stolen by Russia? MH370 theories keep coming

Alabama justices: Until high court rules, we're in charge

McIlroy lasts only 2 days in American return

Alien abduction? Stolen by Russia? MH370 theories keep coming

Amid crisis, Venezuelans commemorate Chavez

AP: Clinton ran own server for official emails

A defiant Alabama regains ground against gay marriage

'Mad Men' Vincent Kartheiser finds a new role

Germany celebrates composer Wagner's 200th

Obama: Policy in leaks investigations under review

LinkedIn looks to build on its impressive resume

Senate leader won't weaken gun background checks

Tereshkova marks 50 years of her historic flight

Russia to continue using Kazakhstan's space center

Nitkowski: '42' role brings home Robinson's path