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Police: Utah man arrested after video of violent cat beating

Connecticut urged to consider euthanizing rescued goats

California county to pay man beaten by deputies on video

Iwo Jima vet, Okinawa survivor wrestle with WWII legacy

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NSW abattoir's cruelty sickening: court

NZ man jailed for viciously beating dog

Man charged with torturing turkeys

Prime Minister defends live export restrictions

Horse shooting highlights slaughter debate

Footage shows 'torture' at Sydney turkey abattoir

All dogs in England to get microchips by 2016

McGowan firm on chilled meat export plan

Bid for exotic animals to return to the big top

Deputies: Ga. man stabbed, unleashed dogs on pig

Rapper DMX arrested on marijuana charge in South Carolina

Alpaca killer should do one year: RSPCA

Qld farmers struggling as drought rolls on

Unions back PM ahead of final sittings

RSPCA worried animal cruelty rising sharply

A court hears farmer's cows 'living skeletons'

Divers find shark strung up in 'act of cruelty' off NSW central coast

ASPCA uses USDA photos in fight over puppy mills

US can't find cause of pet poison, seeks help

100 dogs seized from Victorian puppy farm

Australian bulls mistreated in Mauritius

RSPCA draws up feral animal plan

Strict export standards to reduce animal cruelty

Underbelly figure arrested in Sydney

Hobbit director hits out at animal group

USDA eyes whether tainted beef entered food supply

Calif. congress members ask USDA to reopen plant

No support for live animal export ban

Chinese farms torture live angora rabbits for fur, PETA says

Animal group blasts 'misleading' Hollywood abuse report

Scene and heard at the Sundance Film Festival

Vic rabbit killings like a 'horror movie'

Vegan leather, faux fur are hot gifts in US

Vet uses overdose reversal drug to revive kitten

Welfare group targets abuse in Australian shearing sheds

Australian sheep punched, stamped on and thrown: PETA

Australian sheep punched, stamped on and thrown: PETA

Actor uses his star power to fight animal abuse

RSPCA says animal beatings surge in Perth

Texas Vet Investigated for Alleged Cruelty

PETA urges Taiwan to probe cruelty in pigeon racing

Texas vet arrested, suspended for animal cruelty

Group starts big pet-rescue project in California

Animal lovers gather for Million Paws Walk

Woman banned from owning dogs for life

Kitten cruelty case horrifies police

Dog in viral 'kegstand' photo going home to NY college student

Live exports resume to Egypt

Man faces court over police dog punch

Spotting a pet in a hot car creates tough choices

Peruvian nurse cares for 175 sick cats

Senate passes motion condemning activists who film secretly on farms

Man who shot 7 is 'serial killer'

Calls for magistrates to assess mental impairments

Farmers push for 'ag-gag' laws

Puppy farm kept dogs in filthy, unventilated underground bunker in WA