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Challenges on multiple fronts likely to test new Saudi king

From outsiders to bombing suspects in Boston

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Bomb attacks kill 49 people in Pakistan

Mali rebels fighting in Gao car explodes in Kidal

9 dead in clash with Islamic radicals in Mali

French, Malian troops control Gao seek out rebels

Terrorists with Western links a growing threat

Thousands of Palestinians protest in West Bank

Extremist groups hobble Syrian peace negotiations

Rights group accuses Syrian rebels of war crimes

Israel army shoots down rocket near Egypt border

Al-Qaida-linked group ramps up regional violence

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Egypt names Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

Sharp rise in Europeans fighting in Syria

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2 killed in clash at terror-linked Kenyan mosque

US journalist thankful for work to secure freedom

Q-and-A on Westerners who join the fight in Syria

Extremism fight continues for US Department of Justice

Authorities: Islamic State group an online threat

Minneapolis community fights recruiters for jihad

Syrian rebels buckling in face of jihadis

Al-Qaida fighters push offensive in northern Syria

After girls' jihadi quest, a focus on outreach

French police identify three suspects in attack that killed 12

France: Terror funding, attack weapons came from abroad

Europe's nightmare: Terror threats both large and small

Charlie Hebdo gunmen and ally killed in dramatic siege climax

Charlie Hebdo gunmen and ally killed in dramatic siege climax

French terror judge sees shifting jihadi profiles

Kerry makes 1st official sub-Saharan Africa trip

Hezbollah entry in Syria fans Shiite-Sunni fires

Attacks in Pakistan's southwest kills 22

Israeli PM doesn't rule out helping Syrian rebels

French family of 7 taken hostage in Cameroon freed

Syrian rebels preparing for advance on capital

Islamic rebels fire rockets at military in Mali

Syria: bombing kills top pro-Assad Sunni preacher

Islamic extremists attack Timbuktu in north Mali

Libya PM says his abduction was attempted 'coup'

Terrorists used new tactic to spare some Muslims

Pakistan militant Sunni group targets minorities

Kenya intelligence report shows persistent threats

Kenya: Radical Muslim cleric death still a mystery

At least 17 killed in air, mortar attacks in Syria

Preacher in Jordan trial appeals to Syria jihadis

Syrian army captures key town

500 reported killed in rebel infighting in Syria

For Indonesian jihadists, Syrian civil war beckons

A closer look at West African nation of Mali

Syria talks set to open amid low expectations

Egypt leader said to reach out to Sinai radicals

FBI agent: Calif. terror plot 'very serious case'

Obama directs funds to fight terrorists in Africa

Lebanon pulled into war with Islamic State group

Experts skeptical of Kunming link to global terror

France tries man accused of running al-Qaida site

AP Interview: Jihadi head says Gaza groups growing

London cleric convicted in New York terror trial

Gunmen attack army bus in Cairo, kill 1 soldier

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Euro mayors try to keep youths from going to Syria

New push against polio and new vaccines in Somalia

Algeria's southern unemployed demand oil jobs

Radical Islamists attack Malian city of Gao

48 Syrian soldiers killed in Iraq ambush

Moment of reckoning for French troops in Mali

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