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Roadside bombing kills six civilians in Afghanistan

Taliban announce their spring offensive in Afghanistan

India to host Afghan leader

Insurgent attack kills five civilians in Afghanistan home

Pakistani warplanes kill 20 militants near Afghan border

Afghan president orders inquiry into unreleased U.N. police report

Afghan deportees from Iran return to a home they barely know

Over a dozen migrants killed by train in Macedonia

Thousands of Ethiopians march against Islamic extremism

Military vets plan to summit peak in Memorial Day tribute

Heavy fighting as Taliban attack northern Afghan city

Afghan museum seeks to remember anti-Soviet war

Suspected Al-Qaeda militants arrested in Italy for Vatican plot

Italian police arrest 10 suspected al Qaeda-linked militants

Kazakh veteran leader Nazarbayev wins new term by a landslide

General Petraeus: "I apologize"

Afghanistan veteran at Gallipoli dawn service reveals PTSD battle

How countries cope with migrants arriving by boat

Clint Eastwood reflects on career, 'American Sniper'

Chinese president applauds Pakistan's anti-terror efforts

Military Leak Nets Petraeus 2 Years Probation

Obama apologizes for attack that killed two Al Qaeda hostages

After drone killings, pressure for a new hostage strategy

Deaths raise questions about ways to aid abducted Americans

Obama Takes Responsibility for Hostage Deaths

Two Hostages Killed in US Drone Strike

Petraeus handed probation for military leak

Kazakh leader seals power with stability before democratic reform

Kazakh leader apologizes for 97.7 percent re-election victory

Kazakh leader sails to new term with 'stability' mantra

U.S. strike inadvertently killed U.S., Italian hostages Obama apologizes

U.S. strike inadvertently killed U.S., Italian hostages Obama apologises

New royal baby: Destined to be a 'spare to the heir'?

Ex-general, CIA chief Petraeus gets probation, $100,000 fine in leak case

New law to allow Japan to supply U.S. military in S. China Sea, say...

Hostage deaths a reminder of risk of 'deadly mistakes'

Boston bombing survivors recall 'chaos and glass and blood'

Ballroom dancer describes losing leg in marathon bombing

Kazakhstan goes to polls as president expected to win

Mistaken killings by US drone show limits of spycraft

Ahead of election, Miliband says PM Cameron has squandered Britain's...

EU rescue ships head for Libya, as migrants die also in Balkans

Profiles of 4 killed by drones: aid workers, terror suspects

Questions, answers about federal anti-radicalization effort

US launches drone from aircraft carrier

Global, local issues for Iran in upcoming election

Think tank seeks to launch drone debate

Johnson: Don't Blame Islam or UK Policy

Brave woman tried to reason with London attackers

Think tank seeks to launch drone debate

Afghanistan: Bomb kills 15, including 6 Americans

Top US, Afghan diplomats meet on security pact