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U.S. to keep current troop level in Afghanistan through 2015

US to slow troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Obama: US to Slow Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal

Obama to slow Afghan pullback, though post-2016 plan intact

US exit from Afghanistan tied to developing security forces

Afghan president to embark on landmark Washington visit

Obama slows withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan

US, Afghan leaders lay groundwork for postwar relations

U.S. pledges to keep funding Afghans amid calls for slower pullout

Obama, Afghan leader to finalize plan for US troop pullout

Afghan President Expresses Gratitude to US

Push-back for Defense Sec. on Transgender Issues

Afghan protesters demand justice for woman killed by mob

Ahead of U.S. visit, Afghan leader warns of Islamic State threat

Afghanistan buries woman beaten to death by mob

Afghan leader thanks U.S. troops as Obama expected to slow pullout

US, Afghan Leaders Outline Postwar Relations

U.S. to continue funding Afghan Security Forces

US, UN press Europe to make strong return to peacekeeping

Idaho official: Hometown support is firm for Bergdahl family

Affleck, Gates Urge Foreign Aid Funding

Australia beats Pakistan by six wickets in World Cup quarters

Obama: Dim hope for end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

For African migrants, trek to Europe brings risk, heartbreak

North Africa jihadi front spreads to Arab Spring cradle Tunisia

Military: Bergdahl Charged With Desertion

US war prisoner Bergdahl charged with desertion, misbehavior

U.S. to fund Afghan forces at peak level through 2017: officials

US to fund Afghan forces at peak level through 2017

Judge orders US release of military detainee abuse photos

Bergdahl charges revive questions over prisoner swap

US military to charge Bergdahl with desertion

AP Exclusive: Special ops troops using flawed intel software

World's huddled masses use 4 key land, sea routes to Europe

Ex-U.S. war prisoner Bergdahl charged with desertion, misbehavior

Ex-U.S. war prisoner Bergdahl charged with desertion, misbehaviour

Women's media group honors photographer Heidi Levine

Global, local issues for Iran in upcoming election

Johnson: Don't Blame Islam or UK Policy

Afghanistan: Bomb kills 15, including 6 Americans

Top US, Afghan diplomats meet on security pact

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

Afghan Taliban boldly attack on Kabul airport

At Tribeca, big personalities on the big screen

Pakistan's Sharif gets resounding election victory

UK prince, injured US officer launch Warrior Games

Navy launches unmanned aircraft from carrier

Germany: Chancellor Merkel on visit to Afghanistan

Prince Harry salutes war dead at Arlington

Karzai says US can have 9 Afghan bases after 2014

From outsiders to bombing suspects in Boston

Navy's Mideast mission set to continue

Afghan investigation finds 17 died in airstrike

A reboot for the National Geographic Channel

Air Force targets fuel, flight to find savings

Afghan women in Kabul prison over 'moral' crimes

Obama wants more certainty on Syrian chemical arms

Patient: 'Pretty Happy' Tsarnaev Transferred

Obama and Bush, partisans who share common ground

Afghan troops hold their ground at high cost

NATO crash kills 4 Taliban begin spring offensive

Bombs kill 9 inside elite Afghan housing complex

Nuke missile crews cite morale-sapping pressures

Afghan exhibition to open on August 6

Bomb at Pakistan Islamist party rally kills 16

Afghan policeman killed in Pakistan border clash

Soldier says she faced harassment over Muslim name

US intelligence embraces debate in security issues

Pakistani Taliban withdraw peace talks offer

Fighting season is testing ground for Afghan force

Obama balances threats against Americans' rights

Taliban deny attacking Red Cross in Afghanistan

Budget cuts ground Air Force, Navy aircraft

Person briefed on probe: bombs in pressure cookers

Five days of fear: What happened in Boston

US urges China collaboration on cyber intrusions

Far north Queenslanders remember Anzac sacrifice