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Rocket attack kills two policemen in southwest Pakistan

Democrats say Republicans 'hiding' witnesses in Benghazi probe

U.S. trade official says Treasury taking lead on currency manipulation

Obama pays respects to Saudis, defends ties to kingdom

Kerry: 'Enormous interest' in new relationship with Cuba

U.S. government says Obamacare could affect up to 29 percent of taxpayers

White House drops plan to scale back college savings plans

US attorney general pick vows independence, reset with Congress

EPA administrator at Vatican ahead of encyclical.

Exclusive: Spending- why 'red' states shoulder the deepest cuts under Obama

U.S. government unveils goal to move Medicare away from fee-for-service

New Greek government to halt Piraeus port privatisation: official

White House seeks $534 billion base defense budget, $51 billion for wars

Obama to request hike in US military budget

CIA, Israel plotted senior Hezbollah commander's killing: report

China government agency slams Alibaba over management

Top U.S. trade negotiator says Pacific pact nearly ready

Alibaba meets with China regulator, controversial report retracted

Outrage in Gambia over government officials arrested

Democrats put brakes on Iran sanctions bill

Oil producers push to export US crude even as prices drop

Obama seeks bigger wilderness designation in Alaska refuge

Thai firm buys Sheffield Wednesday

Justice Department spies on millions of cars: WSJ

Obama: Counterterrorism operations in Yemen not affected

Corruption protest in Kenya's Maasai Mara region turns deadly

Army says no decision made in Bergdahl investigation

Officials say two sons of Egypt's Mubarak freed from prison

Wall Street Gears Up as White House Pushes Retirement-Fund Rules

Menendez Urges Delay in His Own Iran Sanctions Legislation

Ohio delays seven executions to secure new drugs