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A look at the EU's 10-point emergency migrant action plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger premieres Maggie

Branson applauds UK anti-slavery law, urges firms to clean up supply...

No problemo! Schwarzenegger takes first dramatic role in 'Maggie'

Branson applauds UK anti-slavery law, urges firms to clean up supply chains

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Minnesota declares state of emergency over bird flu outbreak in poultry:...

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EU leaders commit ships, aid to address migrant crisis

US to announce plans to reduce agricultural carbon emissions

A guide to US political money: campaigns, PACs, super PACs

Italy PM urges united EU action to tackle migrant crisis

Afghan president orders inquiry into unreleased U.N. police report

Host Malaysia avoids Chinese ire over disputed sea at ASEAN summit

A guide to political money: campaigns, PACs, super PACs

Britain, France urge U.N. action on Middle East, NZ drafting text

Marvel 'Avengers' women muscle into spotlight in 'Ultron'

Protest held in Ethiopia over killings by Islamic extremists

Wyoming man pleads guilty in hit man plot against mother

Banks seek to block Target's deal with MasterCard over data breach

Obama: US Better Off With Loretta Lynch

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Transport chaos as public sector strike hits Brussels

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Boston bomber's defense opens their case

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UK teen charged with inciting Anzac Day terror plot in Australia

Pope to visit Cuba en route to U.S. this fall

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Teen wears fake bomb to ask date to prom

Germany: Defendant regrets death of female student

Obama pokes fun at himself and opponents at "nerd prom"

Somalia seeks to drive militants from southern valley bases: PM

Swiss franc debtors march in Croatia, demand cen bank governor to resign

EU antitrust case against Google based on 19 complainants: sources

California county to pay man beaten by deputies on video

Woman accusing Las Vegas police, officer of excessive force

Family of black Ferguson teen killed by police to sue city

EU threatens Thailand with seafood ban over illegal fishing

Italian PM urges EU to play larger role in preventing migrant trafficking

Maryland Gov. Declares State of Emergency

US-led strikes have killed 2,079 people in Syria

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New Zealand Prime Minister apologizes for ponytail pulling

EU leaders pledge rescue for migrants, but no fix for problem

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