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Mergers and China rate cut talk get stocks to new records

Wal-Mart dismisses several China executives to cut costs

China's defence minister calls for improved crisis management

China's defense minister calls for improved crisis management

China building South China Sea island big enough for airstrip: report

China, Mexico officials meet, no mention of scrapped rail deal

China Premier says Qualcomm's 'opportunities greater than challenges'

China says trade deal with South Korea presents challenge for Taiwan

China policies fuel tensions with US: commission

China considers suing 'economic fugitives' in the U.S., official says

Buffalo on a rampage injures 14 in China

China commits 29 billion pounds for economic corridor with Pakistan

China commits $45.6 billion for economic corridor with Pakistan

Alibaba to launch international version of Taobao marketplace

Japanese dairy buyers concerned over Australia China Free trade Agreement

China defends land reclamation in South China Sea

China asks US for help in hunting down fugitives

BMW China CEO sees margins narrowing, expects to beat market

Fiat Chrysler deepen China joint venture to push Jeep brand

Google to launch its app store in China - The Information

Google to launch its app store in China: The Information

China's President Xi targets strategic ties in Pacific

Britain's last governor in Hong Kong to address U.S. China commission

China: Australia trade deal won't hurt New Zealand

China building possible airfield in South China Sea: US

Last British governor of Hong Kong says confront China on rights U.S....

China blasts 'irresponsible' US comments on island project

Last British governor of Hong Kong says confront China on rights

China looms over South Asian summit in the Himalayas

Microsoft to pay China $140 million for 'tax evasion'

China pledges more dialogue on regional conflicts

Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors lift 2014 global sales target on China, emerging...

MP fears China FTA may threaten Coast construction jobs

Coal mine fire kills 24 in China: Xinhua

Starbucks scoops up coffee beans from China for blends, Asia sales

WA company hopes to increase Chinese appetite for Sandalwood nuts.

Five of 16 listed Chinese banks raise deposit rates to ceiling

China firm signs $12 billion deal to build Nigerian railway

Putin's tiger kills 15 goats in northeast China

Chinese folk orchestra strikes a chord in Tasmania

China drafts first domestic violence law

Song swooning over presidential couple goes viral in China